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Why IMR?
  • Published:Update:2014-07-29 14:07:20
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Why IMR?


In-Mold Release Foils (IMR), many people asked what IMR is or what’s IMD? IMR meaning In-Mold release Foils, and IMD meaning In-Mold Decoration.  IMD included: IML:In Molding Label, IMF:In Molding Film (forming) and In-Mold release Foils.

Since the world economy requires more stylish designs, and be more environmentally friendly, so the basic idea was to use IMR replace the traditional spray painting. Most of us know that traditional spray painting required multiple step such as: injection, Electro-plating, spraying, Imprinting. All those all consider toxic. 

In-Mold Release Foils (IMR), is completely simple and eco-friendly. IMR can achieve complex patterns design, and also low pollution and pass EU standard. Because of the UV coating, the result of scratch-resistant/wear resistant can also be achieved: that is the advantage of IMR.

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